What is
Himal Dog Treat?

Himal Dog Treat delivers all-natural dog treats to retail and wholesale customers. Our priority is bring you healthy, long lasting dog treats straight from the Himalayas to keep your dog occupied. It is especially hand crafted by Nepalese farmers to ensure our product’s high quality and authenticity.

Himal dog treats are made out of 100% all-natural yak and cow milk in Nepal that guarantees healthy dog treats because of its high protein, gluten free and no preservatives content. Our treat also comes in Himal cheesy Puff for your cheese lover dog to devour in delight!

Our product is proven safe and tested.

Himal Dog Treat originated from an old Nepalese snack made out of the same yak and cow milk famously consumed by people of Himalayas themselves.

Our company delivers not only a healthy option for anyone’s barking companion but also one of the safest dog chews in the market. We make sure that every product has undergone lab testing procedures including tracing contamination, drying processes and metal detection.

We are reliable and trusted.

Himal Dog Treat is a continuing family business with its own logistics, manufacturing and shipping operation and is also a member of APPA (American Pet Product Association).

Our company provides equal work opportunities and socioeconomic growth by supporting to local Nepalese farmers and creating job opportunities in conjunction to maintaining put product’s sustainability.”


We are expanding our market to feline lovers. So to our cat owners, stay tuned for our future feline treats and toys, available soon!

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