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About Us

We at Himal Dog treat believe that if it is not good enough for us then it is not good enough for our pets. We choose all our recipes from nature and create wholesome and healthy treats for your pets with care. We believe that your pet will love the difference!!!!

What is Himal Dog Treat?

Himal Dog Treat is an all-natural hard cheese, consciously created with all natural ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or additives. Our treats are made with only four simple ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice, following an ancient recipe that has been used and passed down for centuries, by the indigenous people residing in the Himalayan highlands of Nepal and Tibet.


To create value in your pet’s life by providing high quality and all natural healthy dog treats. We pledge sustainable and ethical business practices without any compromises to exceptional quality in the delivery of our products.

        Our Product:

        We celebrate the change that all natural recipes can make in the quality of your pet's life. We pledge to deliver high quality dog treat made with all         natural recipes without any preservatives or chemicals.

        Our Team:

        We empower team excellence and strive to create work environment where our team and our business can succeed to their highest potential.

        Our Guest:

        We value our guest by providing their pet with all natural high quality dog treat with competitive price and great customer service.

        Our Community:

        We are tied with local and global communities and help them generate sustainable economy.

        Our Vision:

        We strive to be value-driven, sustainable and practice ethical business without any compromise to deliver exceptional quality and all natural         products.